ProCom Lodging Brokers, Inc. ("PLB")

PLB is a nationally-recognized, award-winning, highly skilled and experienced hotel/motel brokerage operation, respected among peers and throughout the industry.

Along with providing information on the company, its history and accomplishments, this website serves as a portal to the best of what's available on the Web in the way of hotel industry information and the Central Coast of California, particularly the area from Santa Barbara to Monterey which PLB's home base and primary area of expertise. In the frame on the left-hand side of this screen you will find a series of links to other pages on this site, which will provide further detail on the topic or help you find specific information currently available online.

PLB encourages you to contact them if you have any questions, comments, or interest in using their services. You will find their contact information at the bottom of this page, including an e-mail link. PLB would like to thank you for taking the time to investigate their site, and looks forward to hearing from you soon.

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